Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona CCIB • Rambla Prim, 1-17 • 0919 Barcelona, Spain •

Affiliate Programs

Following is the current list of affiliate programs and their representatives who will be attending the GPWA Conference.
John Valley, Marketing Manager and Affiliate Manager
John Ryott, Head of Affiliate Program
Claire Leighton, Affiliate Manager
"GPWA Conference Bag Sponsor"

Beatya Online Entertainment
Daniel Nathrath

Best Affiliate
Hjalmar Lethin, Affiliate Manager

BrightShare and Jackpot Factory
Ziv Baram, Business Development
Daphna Silberman

Cake Poker Affiliates
Chris Peddigrew, V.P. Partner Relations
Rob Svetelj, V.P. Business Development

Cardoza Games
Måns Ullerstam, Poker Manager

Centrebet Affiliates
Michael Ciancio, Affiliate Manager

Chipleader Affiliates
"GPWA Conference Bag Sponsor"

Commission King
Alex Read, Head of Business Development
Julia Jaysen, Acquisitions Manager

CWC Affiliates
Nicole Brooks, Affiliate Manager
Debee Silverman, Marketing Manager

Everest Gaming
Bill Yucatonis, Director of Affiliate Marketing
"GPWA Conference Bag Sponsor"

Fortune Affiliates
Gavin Maselle, Business Development Manager
Anthony Prissman, Channel Marketing Manager
David Sack, Affiliate Program Manager 

GoldBet Affiliates
Thomas SmallWood, Operation Manager
Daniela Lanzolla, Poker Product Manager

Income Access
"EiG Affiliate Zone Official Affiliate Software & Network"
Nicky Senyard, CEO
Jamie Fortunaso, Affiliate Marketing Manager
Stephen Banks, Affiliate Manager
Sara Wolde Gabriel, Affiliate Manager
Kristyn Gaffney, Affiliate Manager

Intertops Affiliate Program
Michl Posch, Head of Marketing
Roman Humpelstetter, Affiliate Manager

Lucky 18 Affiliates
Naphtali Goldman, CEO

Malvern Sports
Chris White, Marketing Director

Oranje Casino Affiliate Program
Arnoud van Onna
Jose Javier Cabrera y Charro, Spanish Specialist

Paddy Power Partners
Fintan Costello, Head of Online Marketing
Jess Roche, Affiliate Marketing Executive

Rome Partners
Joshua Cartu, CEO

Roxy Affiliates
Sophie Geudon, Program Manager

Sky Betting and Gaming
Gary Knights, Affiliate Marketing Executive
Andrew Rodgers, Affiliate Marketing Executive

Stryyke Affiliates
Bruno Parsons, Poker Affiliate Manager Online Casino
John Wright, Casino & Affiliate Manager

Virgin Games Affiliates
Pierrick Leveque, Head of Affiliates

Wager Profits
Clive Archer, COO
Shaun Oneill, Affiliate Manager
Neil Griffiths, Fraud Manager
P. Elia, Marketing Consultant

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